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The Game of Life is won by utilizing your resources.  Receiving the right information and doing the right thing with that information at the right time, is how you change your life forever.  We want everyone to maximize his or her potential so providing articles and books that may jump start you on your path to success or encourage you to stay on your path to success is important to AGM.  Great ideas that lack the proper resources will always remain just great ideas.  


 The mission of Top Recruits Now (TRN) is to help more high school students get access to a college degree through their desire to play sports at the next level. Top Recruits Now (TRN) is an online athletic preparation service that assists high school athletes in marketing themselves to colleges and universities, where they can continue their athletic careers.  Also, Top Recruits Now (TRN) provides information and analysis to college football coaches to assist them as they identify, research, and evaluate high school football prospects. Top Recruits Now also provides vital information for prospects so they can better understand the requirements and rules of recruiting, and how to be successful during the process.

The Motivational Coaching And Training System, LLC known as MOCATS was created to help every individual to reach their maximum potential in physical fitness and wellness. Our program is designed to improve overall strength and physical fitness conditioning levels, flexibility and a greater awareness of proper nutrition. Each of these components is essential in the overall development of improved physical fitness and wellness. It is the mission of the MOCATS program to support and empower every individual by giving them the tools for success to achieve their overall fitness and wellness goals.