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Student Atheletes & Youth

Our philosophy is that we are all student athletes.  We should all aspire, each day, to be non-stop learners and we are all playing the most important game of all…the game of life.  As a nation, to get what we want on the back-end, it is critical that we develop our youth on the front-end.  If we develop, shape, and create a strong foundation within our youth, there is nothing we cannot build together.

Our student athlete and youth programs are designed to help young adults build a strong foundation. We focus on developing a positive can do attitude that is developed through positive attitude, positive behavior, and 100 percent effort always.  Because in the end, what we end up with will be directly proportionate to our attitude, behavior, and effort.  Our programs provide the tools for young adults to lead from the front, play on any team and thrive, and be successful at hitting their mark.   

These programs are also adaptable and can be used in a professional/corporate environment.


  • Teamwork: Playing To Win
  • Character NOW: Discovering Your Potential
  • Character NOW: Leadership is a Participation Sport
  • The Essence of Teamwork
  • Commit To Greatness
  • Winning Attitude
2017 Summer Camps
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Summer Camps 2017
Teamwork: Playing To Win

Practice Like You Want To Play

All of the great ones practice like they want to play. The objective of this keynote is to help student athletes to understand the importance of practicing to be their best. This interactive keynote demonstrates the power of individual effort to assure the overall success of the team. Participants will receive skills on how to identify their roles, how to play together, why perfect practice makes perfect, and how to win as a team.

Themes include:

  • You control your Attitude, Behavior, and Effort
  • Commit to the process 100%
  • Think team always
  • Practice like you want to play
Character NOW: Discovering Your Potential

Simple Steps to Success

This presentation is designed to help student athletes and all youth build a solid foundation in character and habits that will impact them throughout their lives. Not only will these skills prove to be helpful in academics and in athletics, but they will enhance opportunities later in life. This presentation is all about identifying and applying life skills through a disciplined approach. And, these disciplines will become the cornerstones for success in the future.

Themes include:

  • Respect starts in the mirror
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Focus on mental and physical fitness
  • Have a sense of direction
Character NOW: Leadership is a Participation Sport

Take an Active Role in Your Life

This presentation is designed to help student athletes and all youth to develop the skills necessary to be an effective leader. This presentation will highlight the importance of being a visionary as well as how to communicate your vision to others. Outstanding leaders ultimately serve others willingly and provide the motivation and inspiration needed to help others achieve their maximum velocity performance in the game of life. This presentation will provide the tools and skills necessary for young adults to become future outstanding leaders.

Themes include:

  • Be a visionary
  • Know how to communicate your vision
  • Be competent and decisive in all you do
  • Serve others willingly
The Essence of Teamwork

The 8 Characteristics of a Great Team

Great teams know what they are playing for. The goal is always clear from top to bottom. This keynote or half-day program is interactive and dynamic in that it uses sports teams as its format to show the value of TEAMS (Together Everyone Achieves More Successfully). You will receive skills on how to identify your role, how to play together, and more importantly, how to win together.

Themes include:

  • Empower each other
  • Be committed to the process
  • Think team
  • Trust and respect
Commit To Greatness

Select Yourself In

In order to be great at anything you must choose to be 100 percent in. Greatness is achieved when hard work, talent, and persistence meet. This keynote or half-day program is dynamic and intense as it walks you through the disciplines required for achieving greatness. Going from good to great require skills that are razor sharp and as well as being able to perform and compete at the highest levels.

Themes include:

  • Every day is game day
  • Expect the best at all times
  • Stay constant and consistent in your approach
  • Maintain a never quit attitude
Winning Attitude

Attitude Isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing

Every day there are 3 things that you get to control: your attitude, your behavior, and your effort.  Winners focus on always being positive.  They are solution driven and they always look for the best in every situation.  This keynote or half-day program is interactive and highlights the skills needed to develop and maintain a positive winning attitude in all you do.   

Themes include:

  • Stay driven and committed to your dreams
  • Invest in yourself (mentally and physically) daily
  • Focus on what’s important NOW
  • Be a leader -> motivate, inspire, and serve others