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Organizations are made up of people.  These people do their best work when they have the right attitude, the right tools and the right environment.  So, how can you get the best work from your people?  Give them the tools that they need for all aspects of their job.  Equip their minds, motivate them and give them a stimulus to go the extra mile, push a little harder and think more creatively.

Do you need a Keynote Speaker or an Emcee, someone to lead a workshop or an extended retreat?  Contact us.  Together we will develop a personalized presentation that will encourage, motivate and speak to your leaders, your sales force, your customer service personnel and all your people behind the scenes that make your business successful.

Here are some of our most popular topics – does one of these fit your needs?  If not, please tell us what you’re looking for.


  • Leadership: Lead From The Front
  • Time Management: We All Get 24 Hours
  • Branding Yourself in the 21st Century
  • The Essence of Teamwork
  • Goals: Hitting Your Mark

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The Essence of Teamwork: Commitment

The Essence of Teamwork: People of Character

Leadership: Lead From The Front

The 7 Characteristics of Leadership

Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the entire group. That means sometimes people will get angry at your actions and decisions. There are bound to be times when the decisions that you make will not be favorable to all. Trying to get everyone to like you will only lead to frustration and mediocrity. This keynote or half-day program provides leaders with specific skills, tools, and know how that they can put to use immediately to improve the quality of their leadership.

Themes include:

  • Be a visionary
  • Communicate the vision
  • Develop people skills
  • Be bold in decision making
Time Management: We All Get 24 Hours

How To Stop Time So You Can Achieve More

Do you ever feel there is not enough hours in the day to get all the things done that you want or need to? Well, the truth of the matter is, we all get just 24 hours a day to get it in. This keynote or half-day program provides you with the skills needed to stop time so you can achieve more. Using dynamic stories and every day examples this program provides you with powerful tools that you can use immediately to help you with your time management.

Themes include:

  • What’s your objective
  • Trust your process
  • Never quit
Branding Yourself in the 21st Century

What is personal branding?

A personal brand is the public perception of a person’s personality, skills, or values.  It takes about 30 seconds for someone to form a lasting impression and nearly 20 further experiences with a person to change any negative perception.  This keynote or half-day program is interactive and provides tools that you can use immediately to help you market who you are on the inside.

Themes include:

  • We are self-employed
  • Promote what you are known for
  • Convey value and expectation of performance
  • Walk your talk
The Essence of Teamwork

The 8 Characteristics of a Great Team

Great teams know what they are playing for. The goal is always clear from top to bottom. This keynote or half-day program is interactive and dynamic in that it uses sports teams as its format to show the value of TEAMS (Together Everyone Achieves More Successfully). You will receive skills on how to identify your role, how to play together, and more importantly, how to win together.

Themes include:

  • Empower each other
  • Be committed to the process
  • Think team
  • Trust and respect
Goals: Hitting Your Mark

AGM Summit Cycle

This keynote or half-day program provides a whole new meaning to “you get out of life what you put in to it”. Participants hear stories, examples, and proven advice on the power of goal setting. This 7-step process will provide the skills necessary for participants to identify, set and achieve their goals in life. You are a lot closer to reaching the summit than you think. You will be inspired and amazed at the power of this program.

Themes include:

  • Dream It
  • See It
  • Believe It
  • Enjoy It