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Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc.

It is the mission of Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc. to partner with organizations and individuals that share a strong responsibility for today’s youth. Our aim is to cultivate, motivate and empower every individual with the tools that are essential to achieving their dreams, in all aspects of life.

Organizations are made up of people. These people do their best work when they have the right attitude, the right tools and the right environment. So, how can you get the best work from your people? Give them the tools they need for all aspects of their job. You’ve given them the right physical equipment, now equip their minds - motivate them. Give them a stimulus to go the extra mile, push a little harder, and think more creatively.

Almon Gunter, Jr. CEO and President of Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc. He is a world renowned motivational, inspirational public speaker, author, consultant, as well as a world-class sprinter in track. He draws from this unique blend of professional and world-class athletic experience to motivate others to achieve their maximum velocity performance and become an MVP in the Game of Life. His executive coaching, motivational talks and seminars are a “must have” for numerous international businesses and professional sports teams.

Since 1998, Almon has developed customized motivational presentations that speak to each and every member of an organization. Whether you need to foster teamwork, develop new leaders, or prepare people for a change in leadership or culture, Almon can create a motivational presentation designed specifically to meet your organization’s needs and desires.

While Almon has many topics to choose from, they are really just a starting point. His presentations combine unique materials in order to be effective for each specific audience. Almon will consider your organization when preparing his motivational presentation. What do your people expect to hear, what do they need to hear, and how do those two things fit together? He also considers your needs as an organization; what outcome are you looking for and what is the best method for achieving the outcome.

In addition to corporate presentations and consulting, Almon also makes regular presentation to youth groups and athletic teams. He believes that in order to grow successful, responsible adults we must start kids with a strong foundation. Almon has a created a full character development curriculum, leadership programs, mentorship programs and teamwork programs for kids and young adults.